Day 2: Taichung to Alishan (台中 – 阿里山)

Having our first breakfast in 7-eleven and I would said whoever wandered into it will immediately dazzled by the foods and beverages.  No wondered most of my friends advised us not to miss 7-11.

Taiwan 7 eleven

Taiwan 7 eleven

Taiwanese normally called as “Seven” instead of 7-Eleven.  7-11 stores can be find everywhere in Taiwan and it is the highest density level in the world. The range of food & various services available here is totally different from Malaysia; They have many variety of food!…. Not to forget my favourite tea leaf egg ( 茶葉蛋).




Time to check-out from our hotel.
Some last minute rearrangement on our next destination which is Alishan.  We decided to take taxi due to Alishan Forest Railway still closed for repair because of damage caused by Typhoon Morakot in 2009. Taxi price at NT$4000.

Taxi to Alishan

Everlasting Bridges






Stop by in ChiaYi (嘉義) and visit Everlasting Bridges (天长地久橋). 天长地久橋 are actually 2 suspension bridges which are 天长橋 and 地久橋. Just opposite the 地久橋 is a longyin temple (龍隱寺).

Everlasting Bridges

Everlasting Bridges







There will be an entry fee to Alishan which costs NT$200 per person.







Alishan’s weather is extraordinary cool!  With daytime about 15°C and night time about 8°C.  The people there actually curious with our “too simple” outfit to go to Alishan.  Haha…







Check-in to our Xin Xin Min Su 欣欣民宿 (NT$4500/room for 6 pax ). No more rooms available due to peach blossom season, thus, we all stay in one room for one incredible and sleepless night due to snoring :( ……

After that get a ticket from Alishan Forest Railway to Sacred Tree (NT$50).

Little train at  Sacred Tree station of Alishan. 阿里山神木站小火車

Alishan is famous of its  scenery and there are the peach blossom, sunrise, forest railway, sea of clouds & the sacred tree which aged more than 3000 years.

Beside that, there are many giants tree as well.










The ” Elephant Trunk Tree “( 象鼻木).

The” 3 Generation Tree” ( 三代木).

Let’s visit the beautiful peach blossoms!


Is time to enjoy meal !

Taiwan steamboat ( 刷刷鍋).


Mochi is a rice cake made of glutinuos rice pounded into paste and moulded into round shape.

Mochi is one of the best dessert in Taiwan. Yummy yummy.











Drink some ginger tea for warming up when you free cool. This ” heating herbs ” can stimulates cool hands & feet.






Dessert again for supper. This time is redbean & yamball soup ( 紅豆宇圓糖水).

Good night…. Tomorrow we have to wake up as early as 04:00 for sunrise.

Note: For tomorrow sunrise view, remember to get a train ticket a day before.

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